Hello world!

So I have decided that I am going to commit to writing this blog. I used to be a committed journaling fool, old school, in fact that I used to write by hand in a book. But it’s time to see if I can do this. As I am writing this, my hubby Bo , my son Jabu and his grandpa are out for a walk. It’s nice to be home alone for a bit typing away on my bed. I am a little worried though (  new mom thing) that Jabu will have a meltdown and they won’t be able to handle it. He is only 3 months old! But I take a breath and try to relax.  But I miss him and he has only been gone for about half an hour…what will I do when I have to go to do a show?  Ah  I never knew Love could be like this!


Jabumy son jabulani
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